Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe

What is comfort food to you? If you’re like me, and many other people in the world, one of the images that comes to mind is a gorgeously crispy fried chicken.

Simple but flavorful, fried chicken is a treat for both kids and adults alike. Whether you’re enjoying it at a kid’s birthday party or serving it as an appetizer for game night with your barkada (group of friends), crispy fried chicken is definitely a classic choice.

Fried chicken is seen as a quintessential part of American cuisine. In the American South, especially, crispy fried chicken is a staple in many homes and restaurants. In fact, many restaurants and fast food chains boast their own trademark fried chicken recipes (KFC and Popeyes ring any bells?). This is something that has been imitated across the world, finding a home even in countries like ours; just think of Jollibee!

  1. Mashed potatoes. Like I said, mashed potatoes are my kids’ favorite thing to eat with a crispy fried chicken. To be honest, any way you cook potatoes is a great partner to this delicious meal. But mashed potatoes truly win people’s hearts over with their smooth and buttery texture; and let’s not forget the fact that they taste great, too! My favorite part about mashed potatoes is how perfectly they go with a sumptuous serving of gravy.
  2. Rice. Being the Filipinos that we are, of course, there’s no way to enjoy a perfectly good meal quite like enjoying it with a nice cup of rice! There’s a reason this particular combination is so popular at fast food restaurants as value meals. Crispy fried chicken with wonderful compact white rice is a filling meal worthy of all praise. Whether you’re having it at your table or on the go, it’s the best for that mundane bite of comfort. And if you’re like me, indulge a little and pour gravy of that delicious cup!
  3. Corn. Bright, sweet, and nutritious, corn is a healthy alternative to some of the other side dishes on this menu. The buttery and velvety flavor of corn is a fitting contrast to the texture of crispy fried chicken. Some like to pair corn with carrots for another layer of depth to taste, while others even make corn muffins to pair with this dish! However you enjoy it, corn is a wonderful and sweet addition to any taste palate.
  4. Coleslaw. A side dish of shredded cabbage topped with a generous portion of vinaigrette or mayonnaise is what comprises this humble but delicious dish. Coleslaw is a refreshing partner to any breaded or fried dish; you often see it as a side in most tonkatsu places as well. Slaw works great with our crispy fried chicken as it’s able to add bursts of refreshing flavor of its own. Another upside: it’s such an easy side to make!
  5. Biscuits. Another humble product of American South cuisine, buttermilk biscuits are as rich and indulgent as they come. These biscuits aren’t like the ones you buy in packs at the grocery; warm, fluffy, and perfect with honey or gravy, these will fill you up almost as much as the fried chicken will. Trust me: you won’t get enough!

While this recipe should only take about 35 minutes, it really depends on how hot your oil is on your stovetop. I say it should take about 7 minutes per side, but do check on your chicken and see what the best result is for you! Crispy fried chicken is a great dish, but be sure to take your own sweet time making it. The results will definitely be worth the wait.

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