Original Buffalo Chicken Wings

Some of the most enjoyable gatherings of friends and family involve coming together to watch an epic sports game.

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, World Cup, or NBA finals, getting to meet up to cheer your team on is nothing short of exhilarating. Cheering and shouting at your televisions with every great move or missed opportunity is great bonding. It’s made even better when you have delicious plates of food to accompany it! Finger foods and appetizers work like a charm during energetic and exciting game days. And buffalo chicken wings are no exception to this. In fact, they may be the prime example!

Tangy, rich, and sometimes even spicy, buffalo chicken wings are the epitome of flavor. These chicken wings are flavorful both inside and out, with a bright appearance that immediately catches your eye. Vibrant and bold, buffalo chicken wings are a staple during any game day. These finger licking good appetizers will most definitely satisfy all those amped up, excited stomachs!

Buffalo chicken wings are saucier, spicier versions of a classic chicken wing. A combination of butter, hot sauce, and other ingredients coat this dish with its classic orange glaze. The result isn’t just something visually appetizing, of course, but undeniably mouth watering, too! For people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, buffalo chicken wings are a great place to get your fill. The best thing about these wings are how enjoyable they are as a standalone, but how easy it is to dig into them with a cup of rice, too! Whether you have it alone or with a side of carbs, buffalo chicken wings are always a treat.

Fancy something a little cheesy? These delightful garlic parmesan chicken wings might just be for you! Garlic and parmesan cheese are a classic combination, and there’s no better place to put them on than a gorgeous and perfect chicken wing. The addition of basil to this recipe adds a slightly minty but very clear flavor that cuts through the umami of the main tastes. Garlic parmesan wings are almost as popular as buffalo chicken wings these days, and one bite is enough to tell you why.

How to Cook Buffalo Chicken Wings

Combining both prep and cooking time, these buffalo chicken wings only take about half an hour to make. You’ll even have a lot of time to whip up some blue cheese sauce or ranch! But whether or not you want to embellish your dish with other aspects, your wings are sure to be a winner. Get ready for game day with me, and let’s cook these buffalo chicken wings together!

The next step would be to make the sauce for your buffalo chicken wings! Melt 5 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan before adding the hot sauce. Stir them together until your sauce becomes thick and a vibrant orange. If you like spice, feel free to add a bit more hot sauce to this tasty treat! But if you aren’t too hot on it (get it?), you can do the exact opposite.

When you’re happy with your sauce, you can now dip the wings in it. Mix them, either with utensils or by (clean! or gloved!) hands, in order to distribute the sauce more evenly. Then, transfer your buffalo chicken wings to your serving plate and serve — some blue cheese dip would go perfectly right about now!

You’re sure to score big with your family with these delicious buffalo chicken wings! Share and enjoy with your family, and most importantly — let me know what you think!

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